Specify Valgrind settings for a project

Specify settings for running applications on the Run device that you select for a kit in Projects > Build & Run > Run > Run Settings.

With Valgrind's Tool Suite, you can detect memory leaks and profile function execution.

To specify Valgrind settings for the current project:

  1. In the Valgrind Settings section, select Custom.
  2. Specify Valgrind settings for the project.

    {Valgrind Settings}

  3. In Valgrind executable, specify the path to the Valgrind executable.
  4. In Valgrind arguments, specify additional arguments for Valgrind.
  5. In Detect self-modifying code, select whether to detect self-modifying code and where to detect it: only on stack, everywhere, or everywhere except in file-backend mappings.

Select Restore Global to revert to the global settings.

To specify global Valgrind settings, select Preferences > Analyzer.

See also Detect memory leaks with Memcheck, Profile function execution, Run Valgrind tools on external applications, Configuring Projects, Valgrind Callgrind, and Valgrind Memcheck.

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