Allocation Class

class Qul::Platform::StackAllocator::Allocation

Provides requested sized allocations from the stack buffer. More...

This class was introduced in Qt Quick Ultralite (Platform) 1.5.

Public Functions

Allocation(int32_t requestedSize)
void *data()
void free()
int32_t size() const

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

Allocation::Allocation(int32_t requestedSize)

Constructs an allocation from the buffer provided by StackAllocator.

Sets the size to the remaining buffer size if it is smaller than requestedSize. Functions must deal with smaller than requested allocation.


Frees the allocation.

void *Allocation::data()

Returns the pointer to the allocated buffer.

void Allocation::free()

Frees the allocation.

int32_t Allocation::size() const

Returns the size of the allocated buffer.

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