The QSGDynamicTexture class serves as a baseclass for dynamically changing textures, such as content that is rendered to FBO’s. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide2.QtQuick.QSGDynamicTexture

Detailed Description

To update the content of the texture, call updateTexture() explicitly. Simply calling bind() will not update the texture.


All classes with QSG prefix should be used solely on the scene graph’s rendering thread. See Scene Graph and Rendering for more information.

class PySide2.QtQuick.QSGDynamicTexture
Return type:


Call this function to explicitly update the dynamic texture.

The function returns true if the texture was changed as a resul of the update; otherwise returns false.


This function is typically called from updatePaintNode() or preprocess() , meaning during the synchronization or the node preprocessing phases of the scenegraph. Calling it at other times is discouraged and can lead to unexpected behavior.