class QtConcurrent#

The QtConcurrent namespace provides high-level APIs that make it possible to write multi-threaded programs without using low-level threading primitives. More


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Detailed Description#

See the Qt Concurrent module documentation for an overview of available functions, or see below for detailed information on each function.

class FutureResult#

This enum type is used to invoke a special overload of spawn (QtConcurrent::FutureResult) that doesn’t return a future object.




An auxiliary tag which introduced to improve code readability.

class ThreadFunctionResult#
class ReduceOption#

(inherits enum.Flag) This enum specifies the order of which results from the map or filter function are passed to the reduce function.




Reduction is done in an arbitrary order.


Reduction is done in the order of the original sequence.


Reduction is done sequentially: only one thread will enter the reduce function at a time. (Parallel reduction might be supported in a future version of Qt Concurrent.)