Painting Examples#

How to use the Qt painting system.


Qt’s painting system is able to render vector graphics, images, and outline font-based text with sub-pixel accuracy using anti-aliasing to improve rendering quality.

These examples show the most common techniques that are used when painting with Qt, from basic concepts such as drawing simple primitives to the use of transformations.

Affine Transformations

Demonstrates how affine transformations in QPainter work.


The Basic Drawing example shows how to display basic graphics primitives in a variety of styles using the QPainter class.

Composition Modes

Demonstrates how Composition Modes work in QPainter.

Vector Deformation

Demonstrates how to manipulate the elements of a QPainterPath.


Shows how gradients can be used with QPainter.

Image Composition Example

Shows how composition modes work in QPainter.

Painter Paths Example

The Painter Paths example shows how to use painter paths to build complex shapes for rendering.

Path Stroking

The Path Stroking example shows various types of pens that can be used with QPainter.

Transformations Example

The Transformations example shows how transformations influence the way that QPainter renders graphics primitives.