FileDownloaderProxyFactory Class

class KDUpdater::FileDownloaderProxyFactory

The FileDownloaderProxyFactory class provides fine-grained proxy selection. More...

Header: #include <FileDownloaderProxyFactory>
Inherits: QNetworkProxyFactory

Public Functions

virtual ~FileDownloaderProxyFactory()
virtual KDUpdater::FileDownloaderProxyFactory *clone() const = 0

Detailed Description

File downloader objects use a proxy factory to determine a more specific list of proxies to be used for a given request, instead of trying to use the same proxy value for all requests. This might only be of use for HTTP or FTP requests.

Member Function Documentation

[virtual noexcept] FileDownloaderProxyFactory::~FileDownloaderProxyFactory()

Destroys the file downloader proxy factory.

[pure virtual] KDUpdater::FileDownloaderProxyFactory *FileDownloaderProxyFactory::clone() const

Clones a file downloader proxy factory.

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