UpdateOperationFactory Class

class KDUpdater::UpdateOperationFactory

The UpdateOperationFactory class is used to create update operations based on their name. More...

Header: #include <UpdateOperationFactory>
Inherits: GenericFactory

Static Public Members

KDUpdater::UpdateOperationFactory &instance()

Detailed Description

This class acts as a factory for KDUpdater::UpdateOperation. You can register one or more update operations with this factory and query operations based on their name.

This class follows the singleton design pattern. Only one instance of this class can be created and its reference can be fetched from the instance() method.

The following operations are registered by default:

  • Copy operation
  • Move operation
  • Delete operation
  • Mkdir operation
  • Rmdir operation
  • AppendFile operation
  • PrependFile operation

Member Function Documentation

[static] KDUpdater::UpdateOperationFactory &UpdateOperationFactory::instance()

Returns the UpdateOperationFactory instance. The instance is created if needed.

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