PackageManagerPage Class

class QInstaller::PackageManagerPage

The PackageManagerPage class displays information about the product to install. More...

Public Functions

PackageManagerPage(QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *core)
virtual ~PackageManagerPage()
QInstaller::PackageManagerGui *gui() const
virtual bool isInterruptible() const
QString pageListTitle() const
virtual QString productName() const
void setColoredSubTitle(const QString &subTitle)
void setColoredTitle(const QString &title)
void setComplete(bool complete)
void setPageListTitle(const QString &title)
void setSettingsButtonRequested(bool request)
void setShowOnPageList(bool show)
void setValidatePageComponent(QInstaller::Component *component)
bool settingsButtonRequested() const
bool showOnPageList() const
virtual QPixmap wizardPixmap(const QString &pixmapType) const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual bool isComplete() const override
virtual bool validatePage() override


void entered()
void left()
void showOnPageListChanged()

Protected Functions

virtual void entering()
virtual QWidget *findWidget(const QString &objectName) const
virtual void insertWidget(QWidget *widget, const QString &siblingName, int offset = 1)
virtual void leaving()
QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *packageManagerCore() const

Reimplemented Protected Functions

virtual int nextId() const override

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

[explicit] PackageManagerPage::PackageManagerPage(QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *core)

Constructs a package manager page with core as parent.

[virtual noexcept] PackageManagerPage::~PackageManagerPage()

Destructs a package manager page.

[signal] void PackageManagerPage::entered()

This signal is called when a page is entered.

[virtual protected] void PackageManagerPage::entering()

Called when end users enter the page and the PackageManagerGui:currentPageChanged() signal is triggered. Supports the QWizardPage::​initializePage() function to ensure that the page's fields are properly initialized based on fields from previous pages. Otherwise, initializePage() would only be called once if the installer has been set to QWizard::IndependentPages.

[virtual protected] QWidget *PackageManagerPage::findWidget(const QString &objectName) const

Returns the widget specified by objectName.

QInstaller::PackageManagerGui *PackageManagerPage::gui() const

Returns the wizard this page belongs to.

[virtual protected] void PackageManagerPage::insertWidget(QWidget *widget, const QString &siblingName, int offset = 1)

Inserts widget at the position specified by offset in relation to another widget specified by siblingName. The default position is directly behind the sibling.

[override virtual] bool PackageManagerPage::isComplete() const

Reimplements: QWizardPage::isComplete() const.

Returns true if the page is complete; otherwise, returns false.

[virtual] bool PackageManagerPage::isInterruptible() const

Returns true if the installation can be interrupted.

[virtual protected] void PackageManagerPage::leaving()

Called when end users leave the page and the PackageManagerGui:currentPageChanged() signal is triggered.

[signal] void PackageManagerPage::left()

This signal is called when a page is left.

[override virtual protected] int PackageManagerPage::nextId() const

Reimplements: QWizardPage::nextId() const.

Determines which page should be shown next depending on whether the application is being installed, updated, or uninstalled.

The license check page is shown only if a component that provides a license is selected for installation. It is hidden during uninstallation and update.

[protected] QInstaller::PackageManagerCore *PackageManagerPage::packageManagerCore() const

Returns the package manager core.

QString PackageManagerPage::pageListTitle() const

Returns the title shown on installer page indicator for this page. If empty, a fallback title is being used instead.

See also setPageListTitle().

[virtual] QString PackageManagerPage::productName() const

Returns the product name of the application being installed.

void PackageManagerPage::setColoredSubTitle(const QString &subTitle)

Sets the font color of subTitle.

void PackageManagerPage::setColoredTitle(const QString &title)

Sets the font color of title. The title is specified in the <Title> element of the package information file. It is the name of the installer as displayed on the title bar.

void PackageManagerPage::setComplete(bool complete)

Sets the package manager page to complete if complete is true. Emits the completeChanged() signal.

See also isComplete().

void PackageManagerPage::setPageListTitle(const QString &title)

Sets the title shown on installer page indicator for this page to title. Pages that do not set this will use a fallback title instead.

See also pageListTitle().

void PackageManagerPage::setSettingsButtonRequested(bool request)

Determines that the page should request the Settings button if request is true.

See also settingsButtonRequested().

void PackageManagerPage::setShowOnPageList(bool show)

Sets the page visibility on installer page indicator based on show. All pages are shown by default.

See also showOnPageList().

void PackageManagerPage::setValidatePageComponent(QInstaller::Component *component)

Sets the component that validates the page.

bool PackageManagerPage::settingsButtonRequested() const

Returns true if the page requests the wizard to show the Settings button.

bool PackageManagerPage::showOnPageList() const

Returns true if the page should be shown on installer page indicator.

See also setShowOnPageList().

[signal] void PackageManagerPage::showOnPageListChanged()

Called when page visibility on page list has changed and refresh is needed.

[override virtual] bool PackageManagerPage::validatePage()

Reimplements: QWizardPage::validatePage().

Returns true if the end user has entered complete and valid information.

[virtual] QPixmap PackageManagerPage::wizardPixmap(const QString &pixmapType) const

Returns the pixmap specified by pixmapType. pixmapType can be <Banner>, <Logo> or <Watermark> element of the package information file. If @2x image is provided, returns that instead for high DPI displays.

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