OutputVerificationQueue Class

class SafeRenderer::OutputVerificationQueue

The OutputVerificationQueue class provides an API to queue the output verification requests. More...

Header: #include <OutputVerificationQueue>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 2.0

Public Functions

void addRegionToQueue(const SafeRenderer::VerifyRegion &regionArg)
SafeRenderer::VerifyRegion getNextRegionFromQueue()
SafeRenderer::quint32 verifyQueueCount() const

Detailed Description

Usually, the hardware modules have 4-16 number of ROI. The QSafeMonitor class provides mechanism to queue the verification requests and do the integrity checks when the renderer is in the idle state to avoid impacts to the rendering performance. The VerifyRegion structure is used to pass the region configurations and the expected CRC values to OutputVerifierInterface.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs OutputVerificationQueue instance.

void OutputVerificationQueue::addRegionToQueue(const SafeRenderer::VerifyRegion &regionArg)

Adds a new regionArg to the verification queue.

SafeRenderer::VerifyRegion OutputVerificationQueue::getNextRegionFromQueue()

Returns the next region from the queue.

SafeRenderer::quint32 OutputVerificationQueue::verifyQueueCount() const

Returns the count of the items in the queue.

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