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QAbstractGallery Class Reference

The QAbstractGallery class provides a base class for gallery implementations. More...

 #include <QAbstractGallery>

Inherits: QObject.

Inherited by: QDocumentGallery.

This class was introduced in Qt Mobility 1.1.

Public Functions

QAbstractGallery ( QObject * parent = 0 )
~QAbstractGallery ()
virtual bool isRequestSupported ( QGalleryAbstractRequest::RequestType type ) const = 0
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Protected Functions

virtual QGalleryAbstractResponse * createResponse ( QGalleryAbstractRequest * request ) = 0
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Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QAbstractGallery class provides a base class for gallery implementations.

Classes implementing the QAbstractGallery interface allow QGalleryAbstractRequest implementations to connect to a gallery and execute a query or perform an action.

The types of request that can be executed by a gallery are defined in QGalleryAbstractRequest::RequestType. If a gallery supports a request the isRequestSupportedFunction() will return true when given the type of the request, and false if it is not supported.

When a QGalleryAbstractRequest is executed it will call createResponse() on its gallery and pass a pointer to itself. The gallery will then use the type property of the request to determine its type and cast to the correct class. Using the properties of the request a gallery can then create a QGalleryAbstractResponse which executes the requested task and returns any results. Some requests will require the response to implement additional interfaces such as QGalleryResultSet to access the data produced in the response.

See also QGalleryAbstractRequest.

Member Function Documentation

QAbstractGallery::QAbstractGallery ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Constructs a new gallery.

The parent is passed to QObject.

QAbstractGallery::~QAbstractGallery ()

Destroys a gallery.

QGalleryAbstractResponse * QAbstractGallery::createResponse ( QGalleryAbstractRequest * request ) [pure virtual protected]

Creates a response to a gallery request.

This function was introduced in Qt Mobility 1.1.

bool QAbstractGallery::isRequestSupported ( QGalleryAbstractRequest::RequestType type ) const [pure virtual]

Identifies if a gallery supports a request type.

Returns true if the request is supported, and false otherwise.

This function was introduced in Qt Mobility 1.1.


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