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QAmbientLightReading Class Reference

The QAmbientLightReading class represents one reading from the ambient light sensor. More...

 #include <QAmbientLightReading>

Inherits: QSensorReading.

This class was introduced in Qt Mobility 1.0.

Public Types

enum LightLevel { Undefined, Dark, Twilight, Light, Bright, Sunny }


Public Functions

LightLevel lightLevel () const
void setLightLevel ( LightLevel lightLevel )

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QAmbientLightReading class represents one reading from the ambient light sensor.

QAmbientLightReading Units

The ambient light sensor returns the intensity of the ambient light using the pre-defined values found in the QAmbientLightReading::LightLevel enum.

Member Type Documentation

enum QAmbientLightReading::LightLevel

This enum represents the ambient light level.

QAmbientLightReading::Undefined0The light level is unknown.
QAmbientLightReading::Dark1It is dark.
QAmbientLightReading::Twilight2It is moderately dark.
QAmbientLightReading::Light3It is light (eg. internal lights).
QAmbientLightReading::Bright4It is bright (eg. shade).
QAmbientLightReading::Sunny5It is very bright (eg. direct sunlight).

Property Documentation

lightLevel : const LightLevel

This property holds the ambient light level.

The value represents the ambient light and comes from QAmbientLightReading::LightLevel.

This property was introduced in Qt Mobility 1.0.

Access functions:

LightLevel lightLevel () const

See also QAmbientLightReading Units.

Member Function Documentation

void QAmbientLightReading::setLightLevel ( LightLevel lightLevel )

Sets the ambient light level to lightLevel.

This function was introduced in Qt Mobility 1.0.

See also lightLevel().


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