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QML NearField Element

The NearField element provides access to NDEF messages stored on NFC Forum tags. More...

This element was introduced in Mobility 1.2.


Detailed Description

The NearField element is part of the QtMobility.connectivity 1.2 module.

The NearField element can be used to read NDEF messages from NFC Forum tags. Set the filter and orderMatch properties to match the required NDEF messages. Once an NDEF message is successfully read from a tag the messageRecords property is updated.

 NearField {
     filter: [ NdefFilter { type: "urn:nfc:wkt:U"; minimum: 1; maximum: 1 } ]
     orderMatch: false

     onMessageRecordsChanged: displayMessage()

See also NdefFilter, NdefRecord, QNearFieldManager, QNdefMessage, and QNdefRecord.

Property Documentation

filter : list<NdefFilter>

This property holds the NDEF filter constraints. The messageRecords property will only be set to NDEF messages which match the filter.

This property group was introduced in Mobility 1.2.

messageRecords : list<NdefRecord>

This property contains the list of NDEF records in the last NDEF message read.

This property group was introduced in Mobility 1.2.

orderMatch : bool

This property indicates whether the order of records should be taken into account when matching messages.

This property group was introduced in Mobility 1.2.


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