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RequestId Class Reference


Public Functions

RequestId ()
RequestId ( const RequestId & other )
~RequestId ()
bool isValid () const
int refCount () const
RequestId & operator= ( const RequestId & other )

Member Function Documentation

RequestId::RequestId ()

Constructs a new invalid request id handle.

RequestId::RequestId ( const RequestId & other )

Constructs a new request id handle that is a copy of other.

RequestId::~RequestId ()

Destroys the request id handle.

bool RequestId::isValid () const

Returns true if this is a valid request id; otherwise returns false.

int RequestId::refCount () const

Returns the current reference count of the request id.

RequestId & RequestId::operator= ( const RequestId & other )

Assigns a copy of other to this request id and returns a reference to this request id.


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