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QPressureReading Class Reference

The QPressureReading class holds readings from the pressure sensor. More...

 #include <QPressureReading>

Inherits: QSensorReading.


Public Functions

qreal pressure () const
void setPressure ( qreal pressure )
void setTemperature ( qreal temperature )
qreal temperature () const

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QPressureReading class holds readings from the pressure sensor.

QPressureReading Units

The pressure sensor returns atmospheric pressure values in Pascals.

Property Documentation

pressure : const qreal

This property holds the measured atmospheric pressure.

Returned as Pascals.

Access functions:

qreal pressure () const

See also QPressureReading Units.

temperature : const qreal

This property holds the pressure sensor's temperature.

The temperature is returned in degree Celsius. This property provides the pressure sensor die temperature. Note that this temperature may be (and usually is) different than the temperature reported from QAmbientTemperatureSensor.

Access functions:

qreal temperature () const

Member Function Documentation

void QPressureReading::setPressure ( qreal pressure )

Sets the pressure to pressure.

See also pressure().

void QPressureReading::setTemperature ( qreal temperature )

Sets the pressure sensor's temperature to temperature.

See also temperature().


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