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QSensorGestureManager Class Reference

The QSensorGestureManager class manages sensor gestures, registers and creates sensor gesture plugins. More...

 #include <QSensorGestureManager>

Inherits: QObject.

Public Functions

QSensorGestureManager ( QObject * parent = 0 )
~QSensorGestureManager ()
QStringList gestureIds () const
QStringList recognizerSignals ( const QString & gestureId ) const
bool registerSensorGestureRecognizer ( QSensorGestureRecognizer * recognizer )
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void newSensorGestureAvailable ()

Static Public Members

QSensorGestureRecognizer * sensorGestureRecognizer ( const QString & id )
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Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QSensorGestureManager class manages sensor gestures, registers and creates sensor gesture plugins.

Sensor Gesture plugins register their recognizers using the registerSensorGestureRecognizer() function.

Member Function Documentation

QSensorGestureManager::QSensorGestureManager ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Constructs the QSensorGestureManager as a child of parent

QSensorGestureManager::~QSensorGestureManager ()

Destroy the QSensorGestureManager

QStringList QSensorGestureManager::gestureIds () const

Returns the list of the currently registered gestures. Includes all the standard built-ins as well as available plugins.

void QSensorGestureManager::newSensorGestureAvailable () [signal]

Signals when a new sensor gesture becomes available for use.

QStringList QSensorGestureManager::recognizerSignals ( const QString & gestureId ) const

Returns the list of all the gesture signals for the registered gestureId gesture recognizer id.

bool QSensorGestureManager::registerSensorGestureRecognizer ( QSensorGestureRecognizer * recognizer )

Registers the sensor recognizer recognizer for use. QSensorGestureManager retains ownership of the recognizer object. Returns true unless the gesture has already been registered, in which case the object is deleted.

QSensorGestureRecognizer * QSensorGestureManager::sensorGestureRecognizer ( const QString & id ) [static]

Returns the sensor gesture object for the recognizer id.


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