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QtMultimediaKit Namespace

The QtMultimediaKit namespace contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qt Media services library. More...

 #include <QtMultimediaKit>


enum AvailabilityError { NoError, ServiceMissingError, ResourceError, BusyError }
enum EncodingMode { ConstantQualityEncoding, ConstantBitRateEncoding, AverageBitRateEncoding, TwoPassEncoding }
enum EncodingQuality { VeryLowQuality, LowQuality, NormalQuality, HighQuality, VeryHighQuality }
enum MetaData { Title, SubTitle, Author, Comment, ..., ThumbnailImage }
enum SupportEstimate { NotSupported, MaybeSupported, ProbablySupported, PreferredService }

Detailed Description

The QtMultimediaKit namespace contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qt Media services library.

QtMultimediaKit is a module containing the low level, low latency, Multimedia APIs which were introduced in Qt 4.6 and also includes the high level QtMultimedia APIs which were introduced in QtMobility 1.0.

Type Documentation

enum QtMultimediaKit::AvailabilityError

Enumerates Service status errors.

QtMultimediaKit::NoError0The service is operating correctly.
QtMultimediaKit::ServiceMissingError1There is no service available to provide the requested functionality.
QtMultimediaKit::ResourceError3The service could not allocate resources required to function correctly.
QtMultimediaKit::BusyError2The service must wait for access to necessary resources.

enum QtMultimediaKit::EncodingMode

Enumerates encoding modes.


enum QtMultimediaKit::EncodingQuality

Enumerates quality encoding levels.


enum QtMultimediaKit::MetaData

This enum provides identifiers for meta-data attributes.

Note: Not all identifiers are supported on all platforms. Please consult vendor documentation for specific support on different platforms.

Common attributes

QtMultimediaKit::Title0The title of the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::SubTitle1The sub-title of the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::Author2The authors of the media. QStringList.
QtMultimediaKit::Comment3A user comment about the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::Description4A description of the media. QString
QtMultimediaKit::Category5The category of the media. QStringList.
QtMultimediaKit::Genre6The genre of the media. QStringList.
QtMultimediaKit::Year7The year of release of the media. int.
QtMultimediaKit::Date8The date of the media. QDate.
QtMultimediaKit::UserRating9A user rating of the media. int [0..100].
QtMultimediaKit::Keywords10A list of keywords describing the media. QStringList.
QtMultimediaKit::Language11The language of media, as an ISO 639-2 code.
QtMultimediaKit::Publisher12The publisher of the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::Copyright13The media's copyright notice. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::ParentalRating14The parental rating of the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::RatingOrganisation15The organisation responsible for the parental rating of the media. QString.

Media attributes

QtMultimediaKit::Size16The size in bytes of the media. qint64
QtMultimediaKit::MediaType17The type of the media (audio, video, etc). QString.
QtMultimediaKit::Duration18The duration in millseconds of the media. qint64.

Audio attributes

QtMultimediaKit::AudioBitRate19The bit rate of the media's audio stream in bits per second. int.
QtMultimediaKit::AudioCodec20The codec of the media's audio stream. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::AverageLevel21The average volume level of the media. int.
QtMultimediaKit::ChannelCount22The number of channels in the media's audio stream. int.
QtMultimediaKit::PeakValue23The peak volume of the media's audio stream. int
QtMultimediaKit::SampleRate24The sample rate of the media's audio stream in hertz. int

Music attributes

QtMultimediaKit::AlbumTitle25The title of the album the media belongs to. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::AlbumArtist26The principal artist of the album the media belongs to. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::ContributingArtist27The artists contributing to the media. QStringList.
QtMultimediaKit::Composer28The composer of the media. QStringList.
QtMultimediaKit::Conductor29The conductor of the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::Lyrics30The lyrics to the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::Mood31The mood of the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::TrackNumber32The track number of the media. int.
QtMultimediaKit::TrackCount33The number of tracks on the album containing the media. int.
QtMultimediaKit::CoverArtUrlSmall34The URL of a small cover art image. QUrl.
QtMultimediaKit::CoverArtUrlLarge35The URL of a large cover art image. QUrl.
QtMultimediaKit::CoverArtImage74An embedded cover art image. QImage.

Image and video attributes

QtMultimediaKit::Resolution36The dimensions of an image or video. QSize.
QtMultimediaKit::PixelAspectRatio37The pixel aspect ratio of an image or video. QSize.

Video attributes

QtMultimediaKit::VideoFrameRate38The frame rate of the media's video stream. qreal.
QtMultimediaKit::VideoBitRate39The bit rate of the media's video stream in bits per second. int.
QtMultimediaKit::VideoCodec40The codec of the media's video stream. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::PosterUrl41The URL of a poster image. QUrl.
QtMultimediaKit::PosterImage73An embedded poster image. QImage.

Movie attributes

QtMultimediaKit::ChapterNumber42The chapter number of the media. int.
QtMultimediaKit::Director43The director of the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::LeadPerformer44The lead performer in the media. QStringList.
QtMultimediaKit::Writer45The writer of the media. QStringList.

Photo attributes.

QtMultimediaKit::CameraManufacturer46The manufacturer of the camera used to capture the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::CameraModel47The model of the camera used to capture the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::Event48The event during which the media was captured. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::Subject49The subject of the media. QString.
QtMultimediaKit::Orientation50Orientation of image.
QtMultimediaKit::ExposureTime51Exposure time, given in seconds.
QtMultimediaKit::FNumber52The F Number.
QtMultimediaKit::ExposureProgram53The class of the program used by the camera to set exposure when the picture is taken.
QtMultimediaKit::ISOSpeedRatings54Indicates the ISO Speed and ISO Latitude of the camera or input device as specified in ISO 12232.
QtMultimediaKit::ExposureBiasValue55The exposure bias. The unit is the APEX (Additive System of Photographic Exposure) setting.
QtMultimediaKit::DateTimeOriginal56The date and time when the original image data was generated.
QtMultimediaKit::DateTimeDigitized57The date and time when the image was stored as digital data.
QtMultimediaKit::SubjectDistance58The distance to the subject, given in meters.
QtMultimediaKit::MeteringMode59The metering mode.
QtMultimediaKit::LightSource60The kind of light source.
QtMultimediaKit::Flash61Status of flash when the image was shot.
QtMultimediaKit::FocalLength62The actual focal length of the lens, in mm.
QtMultimediaKit::ExposureMode63Indicates the exposure mode set when the image was shot.
QtMultimediaKit::WhiteBalance64Indicates the white balance mode set when the image was shot.
QtMultimediaKit::DigitalZoomRatio65Indicates the digital zoom ratio when the image was shot.
QtMultimediaKit::FocalLengthIn35mmFilm66Indicates the equivalent focal length assuming a 35mm film camera, in mm.
QtMultimediaKit::SceneCaptureType67Indicates the type of scene that was shot. It can also be used to record the mode in which the image was shot.
QtMultimediaKit::GainControl68Indicates the degree of overall image gain adjustment.
QtMultimediaKit::Contrast69Indicates the direction of contrast processing applied by the camera when the image was shot.
QtMultimediaKit::Saturation70Indicates the direction of saturation processing applied by the camera when the image was shot.
QtMultimediaKit::Sharpness71Indicates the direction of sharpness processing applied by the camera when the image was shot.
QtMultimediaKit::DeviceSettingDescription72Exif tag, indicates information on the picture-taking conditions of a particular camera model. QString
QtMultimediaKit::ThumbnailImage75An embedded thumbnail image. QImage.

enum QtMultimediaKit::SupportEstimate

Enumerates the levels of support a media service provider may have for a feature.

QtMultimediaKit::NotSupported0The feature is not supported.
QtMultimediaKit::MaybeSupported1The feature may be supported.
QtMultimediaKit::ProbablySupported2The feature is probably supported.
QtMultimediaKit::PreferredService3The service is the preferred provider of a service.

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