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QVersitContactPluginLoader Class Reference

 #include <QVersitContactPluginLoader>

Public Functions

QList<QVersitContactHandler *> createContactHandlers ( const QStringList & profiles )

Static Public Members

QVersitContactPluginLoader * instance ()

Detailed Description

* * This is a singleton class that loads Versit plugins for contacts processing

Member Function Documentation

QList<QVersitContactHandler *> QVersitContactPluginLoader::createContactHandlers ( const QStringList & profiles )

Creates and returns handlers from the plugin. If profiles is the empty string, only handlers with an empty profile list are returned. If profiles is nonempty, only handlers with either an empty profile list or a profile list that contains the given profiles are returned.

The caller is responsible for deleting all returned handlers.

QVersitContactPluginLoader * QVersitContactPluginLoader::instance () [static]

Returns the singleton instance of the QVersitContactPluginLoader.


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