Attractor QML Type

Attracts particles towards a specific point. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Particles



Detailed Description

Like other affectors, Attractor has the standard properties x, y, width, and height that represent the affected area. The size and position of the Attractor item determine the affected particles.

The size of the attracting point is always 0x0, and its location is specified by pointX and pointY properties.

Property Documentation

affectedParameter : enumeration

The attribute of particles that is directly affected.


pointX : real

The x coordinate of the attracting point, relative to the x coordinate of the Attractor item.

pointY : real

The y coordinate of the attracting point, relative to the y coordinate of the Attractor item.

proportionalToDistance : enumeration

The relation between the strength of the attraction and the distance from the particle to the attracting point.

Attractor.InverseLinearInverse linear
Attractor.InverseQuadraticInverse quadratic

strength : real

The pull, in units per second, to be exerted on an item one pixel away.

Strength, together with the value of proportionalToDistance property, determine the exact amount of pull exerted on particles at a distance.

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