AmbientSound QML Type

A stereo overlay sound. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.SpatialAudio



Detailed Description

A AmbientSound represents a position and orientation independent sound. It's commonly used for background sounds (e.g. music) that is supposed to be independent of the listeners position and orientation.

Property Documentation

autoPlay : bool

Determines whether the sound should automatically start playing when a source gets specified.

The default value is true.

loops : int

Determines how often the sound is played before the player stops. Set to QAmbienSound::Infinite to loop the current sound forever.

The default value is 1.

source : url

The source file for the sound to be played.

volume : float

Defines an overall volume for this sound source.

Method Documentation


Pauses sound playback at the current position. Calling play() will continue playback.


Starts playing back the sound. Does nothing if the sound is already playing.


Stops sound playback and resets the current position and loop count to 0. Calling play() will begin playback at the beginning of the sound file.

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