Axis QML Type

QML frontend for the Qt3DInput::QAxis C++ class. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Input 2.9
In C++: QAxis
Status: Deprecated


Detailed Description

Links a set of AbstractAxisInputs that trigger the same event.

Property Documentation

buttons : QVariantList

The Buttons that can trigger this Action

the list of AbstractAxisInput that can trigger this Axis.

scale : real

The amount to scale the axis value by when accumulating. This can be thought of as the maximum velocity or acceleration the axis can control.

value : int [read-only]

Holds the value accumulated from the sourceAxis.

velocity : real [read-only]

Returns the velocity. If the sourceAxisType is set to Velocity this is simply the value of the source axis multiplied by the scale. If the sourceAxisType is set to Acceleration, the velocity is integrated using the source axis' value as an acceleration.

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