ClearBuffers QML Type

Class to clear buffers. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.9
In C++: QClearBuffers


Status: Deprecated


Detailed Description

A Qt3DRender::QClearBuffers FrameGraph node enables clearing of the specific render target buffers with specific values.

Property Documentation

buffers : enumeration

Specifies the buffer type to be used.

clearColor : color

Specifies the clear color to be used.

clearDepthValue : real

Specifies the clear depth value to be used.

clearStencilValue : int

Specifies the stencil value to be used.

colorBuffer : RenderTargetOutput

Specifies a specific color buffer to clear. If set to NULL (default), and ColorBuffer flag is set, all color buffers will be cleared.

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