PickEvent QML Type

PickEvent holds information when an object is picked. This is received as a parameter in most of the QObjectPicker component signals when picking succeeds. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.9
In C++: QPickEvent
Status: Deprecated


Detailed Description

See also ObjectPicker and PickingSettings.

Property Documentation

accepted : bool

Specifies if event has been accepted

button : int [read-only]

Specifies mouse button that caused the event

buttons : int [read-only]

Specifies state of the mouse buttons for the event

distance : real [read-only]

Specifies the distance of the hit to the camera

entity : Entity [read-only]

The entity that the picked geometry belongs to.

If the object picker is not attached to a leaf node in the scene graph, this is useful to find which child entity was actually picked.

localIntersection : Vector3D [read-only]

Specifies the coordinates of the hit in the local coordinate system of the picked entity

modifiers : int [read-only]

Specifies state of the mouse buttons for the event

position : Point2D [read-only]

Specifies the mouse position with respect to the render area (window or quick item)

viewport : Viewport [read-only]

The viewport in which this event originated. A null value means the event originated from a frame graph branch without a Viewport. If a frame graph branch has a Viewport inside a Viewport the property will contain the leaf viewport.

worldIntersection : Vector3D [read-only]

Specifies the coordinates of the hit in world coordinate system

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