Bar3DSeries QML Type

Represents a data series in a 3D bar graph. More...

Import Statement: import QtDataVisualization 1.9
Since: QtDataVisualization 1.0
In C++: QBar3DSeries



Detailed Description

This type manages the series specific visual elements, as well as the series data (via a data proxy).

For a more complete description, see QBar3DSeries.

See also Qt Data Visualization Data Handling.

Property Documentation

dataProxy : BarDataProxy

The active data proxy. The series assumes ownership of any proxy set to it and deletes any previously set proxy when a new one is added. The proxy cannot be null or set to another series.

invalidSelectionPosition : point

A constant property providing an invalid position for selection. This position is set to the selectedBar property to clear the selection from this series.

See also AbstractGraph3D.clearSelection().

meshAngle : real

A convenience property for defining the series rotation angle in degrees.

Note: When reading this property, it is calculated from the Abstract3DSeries.meshRotation value using floating point precision and always returns a value from zero to 360 degrees.

See also Abstract3DSeries.meshRotation.

rowColors : list<ThemeColor> [since 6.3]

This property can be used to draw the rows of the series in different colors. The Theme3D.colorStyle must be set to ColorStyleUniform to use this property.

Note: If the property is set and the theme is changed, the rowColors list is not cleared automatically.

This property was introduced in Qt 6.3.

See also Q3DTheme::ColorStyleUniform.

selectedBar : point

The bar in the series that is selected.

The position of the selected bar is specified as a row and column in the data array of the series.

Only one bar can be selected at a time.

To clear selection from this series, set invalidSelectionPosition as the position.

If this series is added to a graph, the graph can adjust the selection according to user interaction or if it becomes invalid. Selecting a bar on another added series will also clear the selection.

Removing rows from or inserting rows to the series before the row of the selected bar will adjust the selection so that the same bar will stay selected.

See also AbstractGraph3D.clearSelection().

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