QAbstractRayCaster Class

class Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster

An abstract base class for ray casting in 3d scenes. More...

Header: #include <QAbstractRayCaster>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS 3drender)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::3drender)
qmake: QT += 3drender
Since: Qt 5.11
Instantiated By: AbstractRayCaster
Inherits: Qt3DCore::QComponent
Inherited By:

Qt3DRender::QRayCaster and Qt3DRender::QScreenRayCaster

Public Types

enum FilterMode { AcceptAnyMatchingLayers, AcceptAllMatchingLayers, DiscardAnyMatchingLayers, DiscardAllMatchingLayers }
enum RunMode { Continuous, SingleShot }


Public Functions

QAbstractRayCaster(Qt3DCore::QNode *parent = nullptr)
void addLayer(Qt3DRender::QLayer *layer)
Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::FilterMode filterMode() const
Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::Hits hits() const
QList<Qt3DRender::QLayer *> layers() const
void removeLayer(Qt3DRender::QLayer *layer)
Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::RunMode runMode() const

Public Slots

void setFilterMode(Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::FilterMode filterMode)
void setRunMode(Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::RunMode runMode)


void filterModeChanged(Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::FilterMode filterMode)
void hitsChanged(const Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::Hits &hits)
void runModeChanged(Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::RunMode runMode)

Detailed Description

Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster is an abstract base class for casting rays into a 3d scene. Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster can not be directly instantiated, but rather through its subclasses. QAbstractRayCaster specifies common properties for all ray casters, such as run mode and layer handling, while leaving the actual ray casting details to the subclasses.

Ray castings differs from picking (using Qt3DRender::QObjectPicker) in that it does not require mouse events to trigger.

By default, the instances of Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster are disabled. When enabled, the specified ray will be tested for intersecting objects at every frame. The QAbstractRayCaster::hits property will be updated with the results of the ray casting, even if no objects are found.

The Qt3DRender::QPickingSettings can be used to control the ray casting, such as which primitives are tested and how the results are returned.

Furthermore, Qt3DRender::QLayer components can be used to control how entities, or entity sub-graphs, react to ray casting.

Note: Components derived from QAbstractRayCaster should not be shared amount multiple entities.

See also Qt3DRender::QRayCaster, Qt3DRender::QScreenRayCaster, Qt3DRender::QObjectPicker, Qt3DRender::QPickingSettings, and Qt3DRender::QNoPicking.

Member Type Documentation

enum QAbstractRayCaster::FilterMode

Specifies the rules for selecting entities to test for raycasting.

Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::AcceptAnyMatchingLayers0Accept entities that reference one or more QLayer objects added to this QAbstractRayCaster. This is the default
Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::AcceptAllMatchingLayers1Accept entities that reference all the QLayer objects added to this QAbstractRayCaster
Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::DiscardAnyMatchingLayers2Discard entities that reference one or more QLayer objects added to this QAbstractRayCaster
Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::DiscardAllMatchingLayers3Discard entities that reference all QLayer objects added to this QAbstractRayCaster

[alias] QAbstractRayCaster::Hits

enum QAbstractRayCaster::RunMode

This enumeration specifies how often ray casting is performed

Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::Continuous0Ray casting is performed at every frame as long as the component is enabled.
Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::SingleShot1Ray casting is done once then the component disables itself. This is the default

Property Documentation

filterMode : FilterMode

Holds the filter mode specifying the entities to select for ray casting tests.

The default value is AcceptMatchingLayers.

Access functions:

Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::FilterMode filterMode() const
void setFilterMode(Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::FilterMode filterMode)

Notifier signal:

void filterModeChanged(Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::FilterMode filterMode)

[read-only] hits : const Hits

Holds the results of last ray casting test as a vector of Qt3DRender::QRayCasterHit instances.

Note that even if successive tests return the exact same results (or empty results), a change notification will be emitted at every test.

Access functions:

Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::Hits hits() const

Notifier signal:

void hitsChanged(const Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::Hits &hits)

runMode : RunMode

Holds the run mode controlling how often ray casting tests are performed.

If set to SingleShot (the default), when the component is enabled, a single ray casting test will be performed and the component will automatically disable itself.

If set to Continuous, ray casting tests will be performed at every frame as long as the component is enabled.

Access functions:

Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::RunMode runMode() const
void setRunMode(Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::RunMode runMode)

Notifier signal:

void runModeChanged(Qt3DRender::QAbstractRayCaster::RunMode runMode)

Member Function Documentation

QAbstractRayCaster::QAbstractRayCaster(Qt3DCore::QNode *parent = nullptr)

Default constructs an instance of QAbstractRayCaster.

void QAbstractRayCaster::addLayer(Qt3DRender::QLayer *layer)

Add layer to the current list of layers

QList<Qt3DRender::QLayer *> QAbstractRayCaster::layers() const

Returns the current list of layers

void QAbstractRayCaster::removeLayer(Qt3DRender::QLayer *layer)

Remove layer from the current list of layers

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