Configure copying of pre-rasterized glyph data to RAM for faster access.


Sets the resource cache policy for glyphs.

The following is a list of possible values:

"OnStartup"The data is copied to RAM on startup. Although this enables faster access to data, it might use up limited RAM.
"NoCaching"The data is not copied to RAM. Drawing a glyph to the screen from storage may result in reduced performance.

The default value is "OnStartup".

The MCU.Config.glyphsRuntimeAllocationType property can be used to further configure which memory area is used for copying.

See Text Rendering and Fonts for font engine-specific details.

Note: The property affects both the Spark Monotype and Static font engines.


MCU.Config {
    glyphsCachePolicy: "NoCaching"


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

See also Text Rendering and Fonts, MCU.Config.glyphsRuntimeAllocationType, MCU.Config.glyphsStorageSection, and QUL_GLYPHS_RESOURCE_CACHE_POLICY.

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