Configure the resource storage section used for pre-rasterized glyph data.


Sets the resource storage section for pre-rasterized glyph data. If no section is specified, by default the "QulFontResourceData" section is used.

The MCU.Config.glyphsCachePolicy and MCU.Config.glyphsRuntimeAllocationType properties can be used to configure copying of the pre-rasterized glyph data to RAM for faster access.

Note: The property affects both the Spark Monotype and Static font engines.

See Text Rendering and Fonts for font engine-specific details.


MCU.Config {
    glyphsStorageSection: "QulFontResourceData"


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

See also MCU.Config.glyphsCachePolicy, MCU.Config.glyphsRuntimeAllocationType, Text Rendering and Fonts, and QUL_GLYPHS_RESOURCE_STORAGE_SECTION.

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