Qt Quick Ultralite Automotive Cluster Demo

Demonstrates integrating QML and C++, and also using 3rd party libraries.


This is a complex application that demonstrates many aspects of applications built with Qt Quick Ultralite:

  • Integrating C++ business logic with QML applications
  • Handling complex user interfaces by splitting into multiple QML components
  • Using complex animations for best user experience without sacrificing performance

The central portion of the screen can switch between four different pages:

  • Media Player
  • Phone
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Configuration

The pages and menus can be controlled by key input, using a keyboard on a desktop computer. They can also be controlled using the physical HMI knob and 4-way directional switch on the Renesas Mango main board:

Navigate upUp keySwitch up
Navigate downDown keySwitch down
Navigate leftLeft keySwitch left
Navigate rightRight keySwitch right
Navigate nextSpace keySwitch center press
Next pagePage Up keyKnob right
Previous pagePage Down keyKnob left
ValidateEnter keyKnob press

Target platforms

  • RH850-D1M1A
  • STM32F769i
  • Infineon/Cypress Traveo II


Normal Mode

Sport Mode



Available under certain Qt licenses.
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