class QNormalDiffuseMapAlphaMaterial#

The QNormalDiffuseMapAlphaMaterial provides a specialization of QNormalDiffuseMapMaterial with alpha coverage and a depth test performed in the rendering pass. More

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Detailed Description#

This class is deprecated; use QDiffuseSpecularMaterial instead.

The specular lighting effect is based on the combination of 3 lighting components ambient, diffuse and specular. The relative strengths of these components are controlled by means of their reflectivity coefficients which are modelled as RGB triplets:

  • Ambient is the color that is emitted by an object without any other light source.

  • Diffuse is the color that is emitted for rought surface reflections with the lights.

  • Specular is the color emitted for shiny surface reflections with the lights.

  • The shininess of a surface is controlled by a float property.

This material uses an effect with a single render pass approach and performs per fragment lighting. Techniques are provided for OpenGL 2, OpenGL 3 or above as well as OpenGL ES 2.



Constructs a new QNormalDiffuseMapAlphaMaterial instance with parent object parent.