Add a new example or port one#

Adding examples is a good exercise for people wanting to become familiar with the modules and its functionality.

You can either design an example from scratch or inspired in another application, or simply you can port an existing Qt example that does not have a Python counterpart.

Example code should be free of flake8 warnings; this is enforced by a bot. A configuration file is provided at the root of the repository. Offending lines can be excluded by a noqa directive if there is a good reason to do so.

Keep in mind we do allow 100 columns for line length.

Additionally, please use isort to keep the imports ordered and consistent with other examples.

For example:

$ flake8 --config pyside-setup/.flake8
$ isort

Add a new example#

  • Check if the topic your example covers is not in an existing example already.

  • Create a new directory inside the examples/<module> you think is more relevant.

  • Inside, place the code of the example, and also a .pyproject file listing the files the example needs.

  • If you want the example to be automatically displayed on the example gallery, include a doc directory that contains a rst file and a screenshot. Check other examples for formatting questions.

  • When writing the rst file, you can include code snippets using the literalinclude directive specifying the relative path as listed in the .pyproject file. The example_gallery tool will expand this (see the pointconfiguration example).

  • For the code displayed in the tabs, you can create rstinc files in the doc directory containing some description explaining them (see the samplebinding example).

Port a Qt example#

  • Quickly check the C++ example, fix outdated code.

  • Port the sources using tools/tools/ (front-end for snippets-translate).

  • Note that our examples need to have unique names due to the doc build.

  • Verify that all slots are decorated using @Slot.

  • Add a .pyproject file (verify later on that docs build).

  • Add a doc directory and descriptive .rst file, and a screenshot if suitable (use optipng to reduce file size).

  • Add the """Port of the ... example from Qt 6""" doc string.

  • Try to port variable and function names to snake case convention.

  • Remove C++ documentation from sources/pyside6/doc/additionaldocs.lst.


Example screenshots in .png should be optimized by running optipng -o 7 -strip all. Alternatively, the .webp format can be used.