Add a new tool or a Qt tool wrapper#

Tooling is essential to Qt for Python, for that reason you can find many ad-hoc tools in the repository, which include wrappers of Qt tools or newly developed tools to solve issues, or improve some project workflows.

Add a new tool#

  • Place your tool in the tools directory.

  • If your project has more than one file, create a directory.

  • Create a .pyproject file including all the relevant files for your tool.

  • If you would like to interface the tool for end users, you need to create an entry point for the wheel creation, and also copy the files in the wheel creation process.

Add a Qt tool wrapper#

  • Add script and optional library under sources/pyside-tools.

  • Install the files (sources/pyside-tools/CMakeLists.txt).

  • Include the tool in the deprecated ‘ bdist_wheel’ process:

    • Add the tool in build_scripts/

    • Copy the files to the wheels in build_scripts/platforms/*.py.

    • Add an entry to sources/pyside6/doc/gettingstarted/package_details.rst.

  • Include the tool in the new wheel creation process:

    • Add an entry to

    • Include the Qt binaries explicitly on build_scripts/

  • Build with --standalone, verify it is working.