BinaryFormatEngineHandler Class

class QInstaller::BinaryFormatEngineHandler

The BinaryFormatEngineHandler class provides a way to register resource collections and resource files. More...

Header: #include <BinaryFormatEngineHandler>

Public Functions

void clear()
void registerResource(const QString &fileName, const QString &resourcePath)
void registerResources(const QList<QInstaller::ResourceCollection> &collections)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QAbstractFileEngine *create(const QString &fileName) const override

Static Public Members

QInstaller::BinaryFormatEngineHandler *instance()

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

void BinaryFormatEngineHandler::clear()

Clears the contents of the binary format engine.

[override virtual] QAbstractFileEngine *BinaryFormatEngineHandler::create(const QString &fileName) const

Creates a file engine for the file specified by fileName. To be able to create a file engine, the file name needs to be prefixed with installer://.

Returns 0 if the engine cannot handle fileName.

[static] QInstaller::BinaryFormatEngineHandler *BinaryFormatEngineHandler::instance()

Returns the active instance of the engine.

void BinaryFormatEngineHandler::registerResource(const QString &fileName, const QString &resourcePath)

Registers the resource specified by resourcePath in a resource collection specified by fileName. The file name fileName must be in the form of installer://, followed by the collection name and resource name separated by a forward slash.

A valid file name looks like this: installer://collectionName/resourceName

void BinaryFormatEngineHandler::registerResources(const QList<QInstaller::ResourceCollection> &collections)

Registers the given resource collections collections in the engine.

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