NXPCalculator Class

class SafeRenderer::NXPCalculator

The NXPCalculator class calculates the CRC value for the region. More...

Header: #include <NXPCalculator>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 2.1

Public Types

enum NXPCalculatorException { UnsupportedSurfaceFormat, RegionOutOfBounds }

Public Functions

NXPCalculator(SafeRenderer::AbstractFrameBuffer &frameBuffer, const SafeRenderer::QSafeSize &sizeArg)
virtual ~NXPCalculator()
void getCRC(SafeRenderer::VerifyRegion &region)

Detailed Description

The NXPCalculator class provides functions to calculate the reference CRC value for the region from the framebuffer object.

Member Type Documentation

enum NXPCalculator::NXPCalculatorException

This enum describes the exception values in the NXPCalculator class.

SafeRenderer::NXPCalculator::UnsupportedSurfaceFormat0The framebuffer surface format is not supported.
SafeRenderer::NXPCalculator::RegionOutOfBounds1The requested region is outside the framebuffer region.

Member Function Documentation

NXPCalculator::NXPCalculator(SafeRenderer::AbstractFrameBuffer &frameBuffer, const SafeRenderer::QSafeSize &sizeArg)

Constructs a MISR calculator object with a frameBuffer. frameBuffer is the implementation of the AbstractFrameBuffer for the OpenWFD API. sizeArg holds the width and height for the framebuffer. Throws SafeRenderer::NXPCalculator::UnsupportedSurfaceFormat if the framebuffer surface format is not ARGB32.

[virtual] NXPCalculator::~NXPCalculator()


void NXPCalculator::getCRC(SafeRenderer::VerifyRegion &region)

Calculates the MISR value for region.

Throws SafeRenderer::NXPCalculator::RegionOutOfBounds if the region is out of bounds.

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