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Provides an interface to the climate control. More...

Import Statement: import QtInterfaceFramework.VehicleFunctions 1.0
In C++: QIfClimateControl




Detailed Description

The QIfClimateControl provides an interface to the climate control of the vehicle.

The climate control properties are divided into two categories: central or zoned. The central properties are exposed directly through the QIfClimateControl and the zoned properties are exposed through zone objects. The zones are retrieved using the zoneAt method.

The QIfClimateControl expects a single backend to be available. It is recommended to use it with discoveryMode set to AutoDiscovery.

Property Documentation

airConditioningEnabled : bool

Holds whether the air conditioning is enabled.

airflowDirections : QtIfVehicleFunctions::AirflowDirections

Holds the combination of flags indicating the areas where airflow is on.

Available values are:

WindshieldDirect airflow along the windshield.
DashboardDirect airflow through the dashboard.
FloorDirect airflow to the floor.

automaticClimateFanIntensityLevel : int

Holds the intensity level of the fan when the climateMode is set to AutoClimate.

backendUpdatesEnabled : bool

climateMode : QtIfVehicleFunctions::ClimateMode

value holds the climate mode

Available values are:

ClimateOffThe climate system is turned off.
ClimateOnThe climate system is turned on.
AutoClimateThe climate system is in automatic mode and is adjusting some parts of the system automatically. E.g. lower the fan speed when the targetTemperature is reached.

configurationId : string

defrostEnabled : bool

Indicates whether the defrost mode is enabled. Usually that means that the fans are on the highest level to remove ice from the windshield.

discoveryMode : enumeration

discoveryResult : enumeration [read-only]

fanSpeedLevel : int

Holds the fan speed level

heaterEnabled : bool

Indicates whether the heater is enabled.

isInitialized : bool [read-only]

isValid : bool [read-only]

outsideTemperature : int

Holds the outside temperature of the zone expressed in centigrades

outsideTemperatureLabel : QString

The outside temperature expressed as a string, e.g. "mild"

preferredBackends : list<string>

recirculationEnabled : bool

Indicates whether the recirculation is currently running.

recirculationMode : QtIfVehicleFunctions::RecirculationMode

Holds the current recirculation mode

Available values are:

RecirculationOffThe recirculation is turned off.
RecirculationOnThe recirculation is turned on.
AutoRecirculationThe recirculation is turning off and on automatically depending on the air quality.

recirculationSensitivityLevel : int

Holds the sensitivity level of the recirculation system when the recirculationMode is set to AutoRecirculation.

seatCooler : int

Holds the seat cooler level

seatHeater : int

Holds the seat heater level

serviceObject : ServiceObject

steeringWheelHeater : int

Holds the steering wheel heater level

targetTemperature : qreal

Holds the target temperature of the zone expressed in centigrades

zoneSynchronizationEnabled : bool

Indicates whether the zone synchronization is enabled.

Which zones and properties are synchronized is controlled by the backend implementing it.

Method Documentation

enumeration startAutoDiscovery()

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