PathAngleArc QML Type

Defines an arc with the given radii and center. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick


Detailed Description

PathAngleArc provides a simple way of specifying an arc. While PathArc is designed to work as part of a larger path (specifying start and end), PathAngleArc is designed to make a path where the arc is primary (such as a circular progress indicator) more intuitive.

See also Path, PathLine, PathQuad, PathCubic, PathCurve, PathSvg, PathArc, and PathRectangle.

Property Documentation

centerX : real

centerY : real

Defines the center of the arc.

radiusX : real

radiusY : real

Defines the radii of the ellipse of which the arc is part.

moveToStart : bool

Whether this element should be disconnected from the previous Path element (or startX/Y).

The default value is true. If set to false, the previous element's end-point (or startX/Y if PathAngleArc is the first element) will be connected to the arc's start-point with a straight line.

startAngle : real

Defines the start angle of the arc.

The start angle is reported clockwise, with zero degrees at the 3 o'clock position.

sweepAngle : real

Defines the sweep angle of the arc.

The arc will begin at startAngle and continue sweepAngle degrees, with a value of 360 resulting in a full circle. Positive numbers are clockwise and negative numbers are counterclockwise.

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