Third-party components in Qt Creator.

Command-Line Options

Options for starting Qt Creator from the command line.

Custom Wizards

Wizard types and JSON wizard format.

Desktop Platforms

Requirements for operating systems that you can install and run Qt Creator on.

Embedded Platforms

Embedded platforms that you can develop applications for.


Answers to some frequently asked questions about Qt Creator.


Qt Creator terms and concepts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Default keyboard shortcuts.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile platforms that you can develop applications for.

Supported Platforms

Summary of development and target platforms.

Technical Support

Qt support sites and other useful sites.

Version Control Systems

Version control systems that you can use from Qt Creator.

Build Systems

Most Qt Creator project wizards enable you to choose the build system to use for building the project: qmake, CMake, Meson, or Qbs. qmake is installed and configured when you install Qt. To use one of the other supported build systems, you need to set it up.


CMake is an alternative to qmake for automating the generation of build systems.

Setting Up Conan

The experimental Conan plugin integrates the Conan package manager.

Setting Up IncrediBuild

IncrediBuild decreases the time it takes to build C++ code.

Setting Up Meson

Use Meson to build native desktop applications.

Setting Up Nimble

The Nimble package manager generates Nim application executables that are supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Setting Up Qbs

Qbs is an all-in-one build tool that generates a build graph from a high-level project description (like qmake or CMake do) and executes the commands in the low-level build graph (like make does).

Setting Up a Generic Project

Qt Creator supports generic projects, so you can import existing projects that do not use qmake or CMake. This enables you to use Qt Creator as a code editor and to fully control the steps and commands used to build the project.

Setting Up an Autotools Project

Qt Creator can open projects that use the Autotools build system. You can build and run the projects directly from Qt Creator.

vcpkg Package Manager

The experimental vcpkg plugin integrates the vcpkg C/C++ package manager into Qt Creator.



Lists the registered compilers. You can add custom compilers to the list.


Sets kit preferences. A kit consists of a set of values that define one environment, such as a device, tool chain, Qt version, and debugger command to use.


Set Nim code style.

Qt Quick Code Style

Set QML code style.

Screen Recording

Set preferences for recording screens with FFmpeg.


C++ Code Style

Set global code style for C++ files.

Text Editor


Set preferences for the behavior of the text editor.


Output Views

Application Output

Displays the status of a program when you execute it, and the debug output.

Compile Output

Shows all output from the compiler.


Lists issues from different sources.

Search Results

Lets you search through projects, files on a file system or the currently open files.


Opens a terminal.

To-Do Entries

Lists the BUG, FIXME, NOTE, TODO, and WARNING keywords from the current file, from all project files, or from a subproject.

Call Hierarchy

Shows information about incoming and outgoing function calls from a language server.

Class View

Shows the class hierarchy of the currently open projects.

File System

Shows all the files in the current directory.

Include Hierarchy

Shows the files that the current file includes and those that include the current file.

Open Documents

Shows currently open files.


Shows an overview of defined types and other symbols, as well as their properties and hierarchy in a source file.


Shows a list of projects in a project tree.

Type Hierarchy

Shows the base classes and derived classes of a class.

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