User Interface

When you start Qt Creator, it opens to the Welcome mode.

{Welcome mode}

NumberUI ControlPurposeRead More
Mode selectorPerform a particular task, such as designing the UI, writing code, or debugging the application.Switch between modes
Kit selectorSelect the appropriate kit for building the project and running it on particular hardware.Activate kits for a project
Run buttonRun the application on the selected target platform.Run on many platforms
Debug buttonDebug the application on the selected target platform.Debugging
Build buttonBuild the application using the selected kit.Build for many platforms
LocatorFind a particular project, file, class, or function.Navigate with locator
OutputView output from building, running, and other actions.View output

To see where the above controls are in the UI, select Help > UI Tour.

The following video shows the parts of the UI and the Welcome mode:

What's New?

For information about new features and bug fixes in each Qt Creator release, select Help > Change Log.

See also How To: Use the UI and Reference.

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