Qt Qml Tooling

The Qt Qml module provides a range of tools and utilities that enhance the developer and designer experience and includes some internal tools used by Qt. The following sections offer a concise overview of these tools and utilities, along with links to additional information about each of them.

Developer Tools

A set of tools provided by the Qt Qml module that aim to facilitate a QML developer's life during various phases of development. These tools are:

Designer Tools

The Qt Qml module also provides user facing tools which can increase the productivity of designers by helping them with fast prototyping. These tools are:

Internal Tools

Certain utility tools are not intended for direct user interaction. Instead, they are all meant to be invoked by the build system, augmenting its functionality and capabilities.

QML Language Server Reference

Overview of QML Language Server (qmlls).

QML script compiler

A tool to compile functions and expressions in QML.

QML type compiler

A tool to compile QML types to C++ ahead of time.


Overview of the qml command line utility.


A tool to compile QML documents ahead of time


Overview of the qmlformat tool.


Overview of the qmlimportscanner utility.

qmllint Reference

A tool for verifying the syntax of QML files and warning about anti-patterns.


Overview of the qmlpreview utility.


Overview of the qml profiler tool.


Overview of the qmltyperegistrar utility.


The SVG to QML converter tool

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