class QRenderState#

An abstract base class for all render states. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.Qt3DRender.Qt3DRender.QRenderState

Inherited by: QStencilTest, QStencilOperation, QStencilMask, QSeamlessCubemap, QScissorTest, QRasterMode, QPolygonOffset, QPointSize, QNoDepthMask, QMultiSampleAntiAliasing, QLineWidth, QFrontFace, QDithering, QDepthTest, QDepthRange, QCullFace, QColorMask, QClipPlane, QBlendEquationArguments, QBlendEquation, QAlphaTest, QAlphaCoverage


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Detailed Description#

A QRenderState class is abstract base class for all render states. One can not instantiate QRenderState directly, but through its subclasses.