Control copying the application's font files to RAM.


The fontFilesRuntimeAllocationType selects the allocation type used at runtime to copy the application's font files. The accepted values are defined in AllocationType.

Default value: 3 (DefaultPreload)

If MCU.Config.fontFilesCachePolicy is "OnStartup", the chosen runtime allocation type defines the memory area to be used while copying the font files. For example, a platform might have SRAM, VRAM, and SDRAM memory areas. The runtime allocation type specifies which one of these to use.

See Text Rendering and Fonts for font engine-specific details.


This property is accepted in the main application .qmlproject file. It takes an integer, and the default value is 3.

Note: The property affects the Monotype Spark font engine only.

Code example:

MCU.Config {
    fontFilesRuntimeAllocationType: 3


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

See also Text Rendering and Fonts, MCU.Config.fontFilesStorageSection, MCU.Config.fontFilesCachePolicy, and QUL_GLYPHS_RESOURCE_RUNTIME_ALLOCATION_TYPE.

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