Printable Batch Report

The Printable Batch Report view provides all the information of the selected batch, in a printer friendly manner. The printable report is geared towards providing a complete overview of all executed tests and their results for archival purposes. The information of the report is organized into sections that can easily be enabled or disabled within the configuration menu on the right-hand side.

On the Explore page, click the Printable Report button to open this view.

Printable Report Button

Report Sections

Printable Report View


Test Summary Charts

The Tests pie chart, summarizes the Test results across all uploaded reports.

The Tests Runs pie chart shows a summary of all the Test results from all uploaded reports.

Suite Summary Charts

The Test Suites pie chart, summarizes the Test Suite results across all uploaded reports.

The Test Suites Runs pie chart shows a summary of all the Test Suites results from all uploaded reports.

Report Summary Chart

The Reports pie chart shows how many of the uploaded reports containend failures.


Commit Summary

If the reports have been labeled with a commit revision (see Repository Integration), this section will show the commit hashes involved in the test report and their associated test status.

Report Summary

Shows a table with the results of each report, along with the labels of the report. Whether or not a label is shown can be configured in the configuration menu on the right-hand side.

Similar to the Explore View, when labeling a report with .reference.url, a label with an link will be shown in the References column.

Suite Summary

Shows all test suites and their aggregated status.

Test Results Summary

Shows all tests grouped by test suite and their aggregated status across reports.

Test Results by Report

Shows all tests and their status grouped by report and test suite .

Configuring the printable report

On the right-hand side of the report, you can find the configuration menu. Within the configuration menu you can use toggle buttons to hide or show any of the Report Sections. Click on the labels to configure whether they should be shown within the report sections or not.

The Print button opens the browsers print dialog. When the report is printed or a PDF is generated the configuration menu will be hidden and not become part of the report.

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