Manage users

Hover the mouse over the user icon to display a menu, and select User Management to open the User Management view. The User List view displays the email address, full name, roles, and status of each user account. Click the Edit button to modify the user profile.

The account can be either Enabled or Disabled. If the account is disabled, the user is not permitted to login or query the API, and the user's privileges are suspended. A disabled account will no longer reserve a license seat, either.

In the Account Requests view, administrators can accept or deny a new user's request for an account. The tab lists the date the account was requested and the user's email address and full name.

To allow self-signup, administrators can turn on the Automatically Accept Account Requests option in the Server view.

When LDAP is configured in application.ini located in the directory /testcenter/config, the Import Users view enables administrators to register users from LDAP. The LDAP server is then used to authenticate users. The login name must be their email address.

Create and manage upload tokens

To create upload tokens, select Upload Tokens in the User Settings view, and then click Add Upload Token. This option and tab are available only for users with the upload role set in the User Management view.

Creating upload token

Administrators can revoke and manage upload tokens in User Management > Access Tokens.

Revoking upload token

Create and manage badge tokens

Administrators can create and manage badge tokens in User Management > Badge Tokens.

Manage badge token

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