Server view

Users with admin rights can select Global Settings > Server in the user menu in the top right corner of the screen to specify settings for Test Center server:

  • Server Base URL: The URL where your Test Center instance is hosted. That is, how it's accessible from within your company network. This setting is used to generate links for external systems when results are pushed to and from Test Center.
  • E-Mail Address for Notifications: The email address used for result notification mails.
  • Public RSA-Key: The public version of the RSA-Key Test Center uses for OAuth authentication.
  • Enable Account Requests: Enables new account requests from the login page.
  • Automatically Accept Account Requests: Enables self-signup for users without involving an administrator.
  • Enable Cache: Test Center caches some of the generated test results to speed up loading times. The cache gets cleared when it is disabled. The cache is stored in testcenter/cache/cache.db.
  • Max Cache Size (MB): The maximum size of the cached data. The default is 250 MB. The actual size on disk and in memory might exceed the specified size, as this number does not include meta data overhead.

Administrators can specify the following settings for the Test Center UI:

  • Select Show Manual testing button to display a link to the Manual Testing view in the Explore and History views.
  • Select Show integration as dropdown to add active integrated 3r-party tools to a dropdown menu instead of individual buttons in the Explore and History views.

To save your changes, select Update.

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