Version 1.2.0

Test Center 1.2.0 is a feature release that delivers new features, improved usability, and performance enhancements for all users of the platform. See the following sections for lists of all changes.

Repository integration

With the newly added repository integration, the tests and verification points stored in your test suites are made available to Test Center. This will enhance your ability to analyze test failures. In this first step, support for Git repositories and folders on the file system was implemented.

  • A new source code view was introduced that will let you jump right from a test failure to the test code that caused it. All stack trace entries or test source locations generated during a test run can be looked up in the repository and displayed in the source code view.
  • Expected visual- and screenshot verification points will automatically be looked up in the repository. The dialog to browse the actual state encountered during a verification point, that was introduced with the previous feature release, will now automatically be populated with the expected result as well. This will make it a lot easier to see the differences between the actual and expected results in Test Center.
  • The expected verification point can now also be updated from within the verification point dialog. This will be useful when you determine that the difference between the actual and expected result is caused by a change in the AUT and the expected result should be adjusted accordingly.

Traceability enhancements

  • Added many filtering options to the Traceability view that will make it easier to map tests and requirements from 3rd-party management systems and that will allow for some basic result analysis as well.
  • Direct links to the Traceability view were added to the Explore view action menu to make it possible to jump from a failed test directly to all linked requirements.
  • Added section support for the traceability mapping. Sections can now be mapped to tests and requirements managed in 3rd-party systems as well.
  • The Traceability view now loads incrementally when mapping new items, so there will be less loading interruptions when mapping many items.
  • Loading times of the Traceability view were enhanced.
  • Pagination was added to the Traceability view. This will improve handling of tests with many steps in the view.
  • The Polarion integration received a new setting that allows you to specify the test type id used for your test tickets within Polarion.
  • An adjustment was made to how 3rd-party integrations are selected from the navigation bar. When multiple integrations are enabled, a dropdown menu is used to select the integrations.
  • The connection tests for 3rd-party integrations now automatically store the tested URL when the test succeeds.

General enhancements

  • Added an image slider to the verification point dialog that will make it easier to spot the difference between actual and expected images.
  • The Explore view summary now shows an additional statistic that captures the success rate across all test runs.
  • The selected history time frame will now be remembered when switching between the Explore and History views.
  • In some cases, Test Center uses labels to store extra report information. Since those labels don't have any analytical value, hidden labels were introduced. All labels that start with a period . will be hidden from all result views. The following labels were migrated accordingly:
    • testrailrun >
    • qac-configuration > .qac.configuration
    • qac-release > .qac.release
    • qac-testset > .qac.testset
  • Added support for a new functional label .reference.url. You can use this label to display links to external systems within the Explore view. Markdown notation can be used to specify a caption for the links. For example, .reference.url=[jenkins](

Bug fixes

  • The pie charts of the Explore view summary are now properly updated when navigating between different result views.
  • The pie charts are now also updated when only new failures are shown.
  • Switching from showing only new failures to a test report no longer causes UI errors.
  • Fixed z-order issues with modal comment dialogs, that were rendered in the wrong order above each other.
  • Fixed text overflow for batch names in the Verifications and Traceability views.

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