Version 1.1.0

Squish Test Center 1.1.0 is a feature release that delivers new features, improved usability, and performance enhancements for all users of the platform. See the following sections for lists of all changes.

3rd-party tool integration

  • Azure DevOps integration

    A new plugin was developed to support an integration between Microsoft Azure DevOps and Squish Test Center. This extension adds two tasks, one to launch Squish tests from Azure DevOps, and another to upload results to Squish Test Center. The integration provides traceability between the platforms by enabling a mapping of tests launched in Azure DevOps to Squish GUI test results managed in Squish Test Center.

  • Polarion ALM integration

    New support for Polarion ALM, a requirements management and application lifecycle management platform, was added to 1.1.0. This integration provides traceability and result synchronization between Squish Test Center and Polarion tests.

  • TeamCity integration

    New to 1.1.0 is an integration between JetBrains TeamCity and Squish Test Center. Through a new plugin, TeamCity users can send their automated results from the TeamCity server directly into Squish Test Center.

General enhancements

  • Server-side caching of results

    Test results are now compressed and cached, reducing Squish Test Center's bandwidth requirements and improving performance of the platform. Squish Test Center now transmits results faster and performs quicker when a user revisits a previously loaded page.

  • Relaxed license checks

    The Squish Test Center server can now run under any system user. In previous versions, the system username used to start Squish Test Center became part of the Machine ID and therefore the license key. This requirement was relaxed. Older licenses will continue to work, but new licenses are not linked to the system username anymore.

  • Improvements to Dashboard and project overview

    Information listed in the project overview on the Squish Test Center Dashboard was expanded to be more detailed. The name of each batch and the labels associated with a test run are now displayed. A new option exists for retrieving the most recent results for each label value. The Compare functionality is accessible directly from the project overview. Projects can be filtered and sorted to give a desired, and more predictable, listing of projects at-a-glance.

  • Improvements to Graphs view

    The Graphs received a major overhaul for improved data analysis. Customizable graphs are now available, with an extended number of statistics available for display. It is now possible to configure stacked or clustered graphs for easier trend spotting; plot statistics side-by-side; or combine them in a custom way.

  • Improvements to Traceability view

    Tests are now organized into a collapsible hierarchy for improved convenience. This structure is used in the TestRail, Xray, Zephyr and Polarion ALM Traceability views.

  • Improvements to History view

    It is now possible to display batch names and label values on the History Timeline.

  • OAuth support added

    OAuth authentication support was added for Jira, Zephyr and Xray integrations, providing convenience, security and the ability to work with cloud versions of these tools.

  • Improvements to mapping

    Traceability views no longer need to be reloaded when an association is made, thus improving mapping responsiveness.

  • Verification point results viewable in Squish Test Center

    Support was added for viewing visual verification point results and table verification point results from within Squish Test Center.

  • Simplified batch Compare view navigation and report selection

    Squish Test Center's Compare functionality was improved, to facilitate report selection. Previously, it was required to select two reports from the compared batches manually. Now, it is sufficient to select first the compared batches and only one report; the second report is auto-selected by Squish Test Center by matching the first selected report's configuration. This is especially helpful in those cases with a lengthy list of reports.

  • Windows service

    Squish Test Center can now be configured and launched as a Windows service.

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