Version 2.0.1

Squish Test Center 2.0.1 is the first patch release for the 2.0 version of Squish Test Center, bringing many usability improvements and bug fixes to manual testing, the JIRA and Azure integrations, as well as improving browser performance for larger result sets.

Explore view

  • Improve performance and memory use of the Explore view when displaying a large number of tests, especially when using pagination.

Manual testing

  • Allow copying of test cases, features and scenarios. This will automatically share all contained steps.
  • Improved search performance and usability of the existing step search for manual testing. Step entries are now paginated for easier access.
  • To enhance the manual test execution workflow, the ability to add comments to manual test results is now more prominently featured and more accessible when failing or skipping a manual test step.
  • The test deletion dialog is now more verbose, listing all tests that would be deleted.

JIRA issue creation dialog

  • Fixed a bug that limited the use of the issue creation dialog to the admin role only.
  • After selecting the issue type, specific JIRA option fields using allowedValues data would not render, preventing the user from completing the dialog. This has been addressed, making the dialog more reliable in those cases.
  • The custom field selection for the JIRA dialog should now work for every JIRA version. Some JIRA versions only provide limited field information, which we now also account for in Squish Test Center.
  • Error messages caused by missing JIRA OAuth authorization of a user now contain more information on how to resolve the issue.
  • JIRA issues created for manual tests now also contain a backlink to Squish Test Center.

Azure integration

  • Refactored the pull operation to ensure all test cases are fetched.
  • The scope of the tests pulled from Azure can now be limited by providing Azure test plan ids.

General enhancements

  • Improve error reporting when JIRA ticket states were automatically updated in the Global Settings view. Instead of stopping at the first error, Squish Test Center tries to update all projects and lists the issues that were encountered at the end.
  • It is now possible to delete project entries (including all their traceability associations) of an integration in the Global Settings view.
  • The routes.cfg will no longer be restored when using Squish Test Center backup and restore feature as that file always needs to match the currently used Squish Test Center version.
  • Markdown text is now purified to avoid XSS and script code execution when parsing it.

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