Version 2.0.2

Squish Test Center 2.0.2 is the second patch release for the 2.0 version of Squish Test Center, including bug fixes for manual testing, some general fixes, as well as some improvements for the TestRail and Polarion integrations.


  • The removal of unused and empty projects has been improved. When the last manual test is removed, or the last traceability association is removed, or the last repository mapping is removed, we now also check whether the project is empty and can be deleted.
  • When projects are deleted, we now also remove all associated cache entries.
  • The verification point dialogs now also work for verification points that are not located within the test suite directory.

Manual testing

  • Fixed an issue where features that had been moved between test suites could no longer be executed. Features moved between test suites before applying this patch should be moved back into their original suites to fully resolve this issue.
  • Fixed zip file export for manual test reports. Previously exported manual test results were formatted incorrectly, so that they could not be imported again.
  • Empty label values no longer cause the Manual Testing view to become unresponsive.
  • Special characters in project names no longer cause issues in the Manual Testing view.

Explore view

  • Fixed an issue with pivoting the Explore view for tests and labels when not all reports contain the same label keys.

History view

  • Non-summary timeline links were causing a drilldown in the Explore view, when clicked. By adding the test type to the URL, the corresponding test is now selected instead.
  • Changing the timeframe displayed would sometimes also change the test types displayed. This should no longer happen.

Result upload

  • When uploading multiple results at once, attachments from different results that shared the same name would be processed multiple times, which lead to warnings and duplicated entries. This is now fixed.

TestRail integration

  • Added support for TestRail version 6.7 and onwards, where the API was changed to support bulk request.

Polarion integration

  • The IntegrationRequestTimeout in the config/application.ini now also applies to the Polarion integration, to support longer running requests.

Azure DevOps integration

  • Simplified Azure DevOps protocol version selection, and fixed various issues with pushing results and pulling tests on newer Azure DevOps versions.

JIRA integration

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the JIRA issue creation dialog from opening on some JIRA configurations.
  • The user selection within the JIRA issue creation dialog was improved and now supports instances with more than 50 users and honors the different user pools for the reporter and assignee fields.

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