The following topics describe how to set up Qt VS Tools and to use them to create, build, debug, and localize Qt applications.

Set up Qt VS Tools

Install Qt VS Tools in Microsoft Visual Studio, and then tell it where to find the Qt versions that you want to develop with.


Use wizards to create several types of Qt and Qt Quick projects and files that you add to the projects, such as classes, form files, or custom QML types.


With IntelliSense information and the QML Language Server support, you get code editing features for C++ and QML types.


Qt VS Tools integrate with MSBuild, and therefore, you build Qt applications as Visual Studio projects. Special build rules called Qt/MSBuild let you run Qt build tools and set build options for them.


With a debugger, you can see what happens inside an application while it runs or when it crashes. You can debug Qt Widgets and Qt Quick applications.


Use Qt translation tools to adapt applications for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components such as date, time, and number formats and translating text.

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