Add Qt versions

Qt VS Tools provide you with basic Qt version management that enables you to use multiple Qt versions in parallel. For example, Qt 5.15.11 and 6.5.0. You have to add at least one Qt version that was built for MSVC to be able to create Qt projects.

{Qt Versions}

To add Qt versions:

  1. Go to Extensions > Qt VS Tools > Qt Versions.
  2. Select .
  3. In Version, enter a name for the Qt version. If you add the path to Qt first, this field is filled automatically.
  4. In Host, select Windows, unless you want to cross-compile the application for an embedded Linux device.
  5. In Path, enter the path to the qmake.exe for the Qt version. For example: C:\Qt\6.2.0\msvc2019_64\bin\qmake.exe.
  6. In Default, select the Qt version to use by default when creating new projects or importing a project from a .pro file.
  7. Select OK.

To remove a Qt version, select .

Register installed Qt versions

Qt VS Tools can automatically detect Qt versions that you install with Qt Online Installer. To detect installed Qt versions from a folder, select Browse and locate the Qt installation folder.

To automatically detect Qt versions, select Autodetect.

To remove entries for Qt versions that you have uninstalled, select Cleanup.

See also Select Qt versions for a project, Cross-compile, and Load Qt projects.

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