Select Qt versions for a project

To select another Qt version than the default Qt version for a project:

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the project and go to Properties in the context menu.
  2. Select Qt Project Settings.

    {Qt Project Settings dialog}

  3. In Qt Installation, select the Qt version.

CMake projects

When you create or load Qt application projects, Qt VS Tools creates the necessary files for you: CMakePresets.json and CMakeUserPresets.json.

To select a Qt version for a CMake project:

  1. In the CMakeUserPresets.json file, find the visible preset (that is, without the text "hidden":true) whose display name matches the configuration.
  2. In that preset, set the "inherits" property to the registered name of the target Qt version, as it appears in Tools > Options > Qt > Versions.

    If the preset inherits from a list of presets, make sure that the target Qt version is the only Qt version referenced in the list.

    To select the default Qt version, use "Qt-Default".

See also Add Qt versions and Cross-compile.

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