Turn on QML language server

For several programming languages, a language server offers information about the code to IDEs as long as they support communication via the language server protocol (LSP). The IDE can then offer services, such as code completion.

Turn on the QML language server to get code editing services when developing Qt Quick applications if:

  • The default Qt version supports the QML Language Server (available since Qt 6.5).
  • The Visual Studio version supports LSP.

The services you get depend on the Qt version and Visual Studio version that you use.

To turn on the QML language server:

  1. Go to Extensions > Qt VS Tools > Options > Qt > General > QML Language Server.

    {QML Language Server section in Qt General Options}

  2. In Enable, select Enable to turn on the QML language server.
  3. In Log, select Enable to write LSP messages to a log file in a temporary folder.
  4. In Log size, set the maximum size of the log file in KB.
  5. In Qt version, select an installed Qt version that supports the QML language server.

See also Update IntelliSense info.

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